Create a Test

What is a Test?

Tests are used to simulate specific user interactions in your application and measure the response.
If the response passes a set of metrics defined by you, then the test will pass. If one of the responses fails, the test fails and you will be notified of when the test failed and why.
Unlike a unit or integration test, Firelab tests are executed in a real browser, so you can simulate any action that a user would take in a real-world scenario. You can use this method to test any behaviour that a user could take in your application and what the expected outcome should be.


  1. 1.
    Simulate a user completing your sign up form to test if they can successfully create an account.
  2. 2.
    Automate the user clicking a 'Subscribe' to test if a modal appears.

Create a New Test

To create a new test click the tests option in the sidebar nav then click on New Test. Please refer to the following sections to understand how a test is structured.