Meta Data

Meta data contains the basic information about your test such as name and schedule. You can edit the meta data by clicking the edit button at the top right of the test editor.

Test Name

Set a name for your test to help you identify it.


The relative URL of the page within your application where the test should be carried out. eg. /signup


If your test will be executed on a page that requires authentication, you can enter the username and password required here. Firelab will sign in via the authenticate page defined in your app settings using this name and password, the session will also be stored for future use to speed up your tests.
Firelab tests may come from multiple IP addresses and trigger your security measures if you flag multiple IP's during sign in. You may want to create a dedicated test account in your app that bypasses IP checks.
The username and password you enter here will be encrypted but it's recommended that you use a dedicated account for testing, never expose a real user's credentials here.


You can set your test to run either:
  • manually
  • when you deploy a code change
  • every day
  • every week on a specific day
  • every month on a specific date


How many milliseconds your test should wait before timing out waiting for a server response (default: 10 seconds).